Have you seen any silverfish lurking around?

Silverfish are small silvery insects that can cause a high level of damage if they are not stopped on time. They are both a nuisance and a health hazard. If you require professional silverfish pest control East Coast Pest Services can help. We are experts in silverfish removal thanks to our friendly and experienced pest control specialists and the state-of-the-art equipment they use to do the job.

Silver fish Control

Silverfish prefer damp, dark, warm and humid places to harbor such as bathrooms, kitchens, roof voids, wall cavities, cupboards and bookshelves.

Silverfish that are common in most houses and feed predominantly on paper products and fabric found around the home. Around the outside of the home they may be found living under the bark of trees and garden beds, under rocks, in rotten logs and among leaf litter.

Most commonly homeowners detect silverfish when they find one on the floor or in a sink or bathtub or they will find holes in their clothing.

Helpful Hints

If the conditions are cold and dry, the silverfish cannot reproduce. In addition, there are simple strategies to manage silverfish which are the following:

Thorough and regular cleaning
Regular checking of areas that would attract silverfish
Reduce moisture in your home that encourages silverfish
Eliminate any cracks or crevices
Store paper materials and food in airtight containers
Use vacuum cleaner
Regular inspections from your pest control Sydney professional