Give fleas the flick

Fleas are attracted to both humans and animals alike. This makes them a real pain for pet owners, especially in our warmer Queensland climate where fleas love the higher temperature and often multiply at an astonishing rate. The solution for successful flea control is the treatment of the pet and the pet’s environment (if necessary in and outside the house) along with some patience.

Flea Control

Fleas are more than just discomfort , these pests cause horrible health issues among humans and pets.

These creepy-crawlies can cause your pets to lose their hair due to excessive scratching of the flea bite area. Potentially, the flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis among your pets. Specifically, flea saliva has allergens that result in rashes.

In severe cases, your pets may also develop anemia if fleas stay longer on their skins. Needless to say, fleas will constantly suck your pets’ blood for sustenance. Hence, resulting in a drop in their bodies’ red blood cells.

For humans, fleas can also pose serious health risks. For instance, fleas are the reasons behind illnesses such as typhus and plague. Moreover, they carry the cat scratch disease which can be harmful to humans.

The health danger that these pests bring is undeniable. Therefore, the longer that you allow them to stay, the more chances that they can pose health problems.

When the safety of your pets and family are at stake, there’s no sooner time to remove fleas than today. Hence, reach out now to your local flea removal team at ABC Pest Control Sydney.

Helpful Hints

  1. Treat your pets as soon as you can. You will get better results if all flea treatments, environmental and on-animal are done around the same time.
  2. DO NOT AVOID FLEA INFESTED AREAS AFTER THE TREATMENT, AS YOU WILL REDUCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE TREATMENT and especially remember the spare room, shed or places where the pet likes to rest.
  3. If you remove the pet, flea problems may appear to be worse as you become the only potential host.
  4. It is best to treat before the numbers build up. There is no need to go through the discomfort of flea bites.
  5. Entering vacant houses will stimulate any fleas waiting to hatch. This is especially a problem with vacant rental and holiday houses.
  6. If you are going on holidays, have a friend stomp through the house/yard several times while you are away, especially on the day of your return as the fleas will hatch and die on the treated surfaces before you return. (You will owe your friend big time.)