Having problems with pigeons inhabiting your property?

Do you want to get rid of them once and for all? Did you know that bird infestation can cause damages and bring bird lice? Have you been worried about the diseases that pest birds can cause if they stay longer? Are you looking for the top bird control company in Sydney to eliminate your bird problem?

Spring Is the Time For birds

Spring is in the air and love is everywhere. Birds are busy building nests in roof voids and eaves, which can present some real hazards for the building and its occupants.

Birds bring in all sorts of highly flammable material, creating a real fire hazard, and also attract the attention of rodents and snakes. Birds carry disease, bird mites and lice. These blood suckers live in the nests, usually in their thousands. They don’t present a problem until the baby birds fly away, leaving them without a host. They are then attracted to anything warm blooded, often a person. After leaving the nest they only survive about 18 hours and are so small you can hardly see them as they burrow under the skin to feed on a blood meal, causing enormous irritation and itching. Bites tend to be in tender areas such as forearms and around the torso, but can be anywhere. When bites are viewed with a magnifying glass the mite can often be seen as a small black dot under the skin. They are considered many times more irritating than fleas and bites can remain itchy for weeks.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a taming method of bird control which provides a quick and easy way to eliminate pigeons. If you have a problem with birds creating a mess with their droppings, or nesting on or around your property then you might want to consider these bird deterrents.

Solar Panel Proofing

The space under the solar panels is shaded, relatively cool, and not easily accessible by predators that would steal pigeon eggs or kill their young, which makes it the best place for pigeons to nest.

Why is Pigeon Under Solar Panels a Problem?

– Pigeons are very noisy, especially young ones. People living and sleeping in rooms directly under the roof would have to endure the noise until the nest is removed.

– These birds will defecate in and around their nest, which can stain and damage the roof shingles and compromise the aesthetics of your roof. The only way to keep your roof completely clean is to install preventive measures.

– Nesting pigeons are dirty and can create an unhealthy environment around the roof that can cause allergies in the more sensitive members of your family.

– They can also damage expensive solar panels because bird faeces are very corrosive. They can also build up on the solar panels and compromise their efficiency.