Rats and Mice are a significant risk to health and property

Rats and mice are notorious carriers of disease. They contaminate food, homes and businesses with faeces, urine and hair, they carry fleas or ticks and damage property by gnawing through containers, wood, insulation and wiring…

Rodent Control

There is a persistent background population of rodents living in our agricultural areas, countryside and bush and in the drains and sewers of our cities. These rats and mice are constantly seeking new sources of food and shelter and are quickly attracted to our homes and business premises, particularly those in which food is stored. A single rat will eat 12kg of food in a year and deposit 25,000 droppings. In addition, their damaging of packets and labels render millions of dollars of products unsaleable. Rodents also need to gnaw on hard materials to wear down their rapidly growing front teeth and they commonly attack plastics, lead, metal, and electrical and telephone cables, causing major costly damage including fires.

Perhaps the most serious problem with rodents is their potential danger to our health as they carry disease organisms that can cause many illness and poor health conditions.

Treatment Methods

Successful rodent control requires the correct application of modern rodenticides by trained specialists. Our Technician has this knowledge and experience.

The following methods of treatment are at our disposal:

Placement of anti-coagulant bait stations throughout the roof, Home interior, underfloor and basement areas.
The laying of solid waterproof bait blocks.
The laying of fruit, meat or other baits in special circumstances.
Installation of rodent drink stations of rodenticide liquid.
Application of tracking dust on rodent runs and nesting areas only.
Installation of permanent metal bait stations around perimeters of buildings and grounds.
Installation of water resistant bait stations throughout buildings.
Regular maintenance control service, including preventative treatment and free treatment of any reinfestation between routine visits.

Due to our emphasis on safety, the baits used may take approximately two weeks to have the desired effect on the rodent infestation. In the event of rodents dying within the building and an unpleasant odour occurring we will, where possible, remove the body or in an inaccessible area, provide an efficient masking agent.

Children and domestic animals must be kept away from rodent baits.