Birds & Bird Mites

Spring is the time for Birds        


Spring is in the air and love is everywhere. Birds are busy building nests in roof voids and eaves, which can present some real hazards for the building and its occupants.

They bring in all sorts of highly flammable material, creating a real fire hazard, and also attract the attention of rodents and snakes. Birds carry disease, bird mites and lice. These blood suckers live in the nests, usually in their thousands. They don’t present a problem until the baby birds fly away, leaving them without a host. They are then attracted to anything warm blooded, often a person. After leaving the nest they only survive about 18 hours and are so small you can hardly see them as they burrow under the skin to feed on a blood meal, causing enormous irritation and itching. Bites tend to be in tender areas such as forearms and around the torso, but can be anywhere. When bites are viewed with a magnifying glass the mite can often be seen as a small black dot under the skin. They are considered many times more irritating than fleas and bites can remain itchy for weeks.

A simple treatment to the roof and removal of the nest will solve the immediate infestation; however it is essential to proof the roof to prevent further infestation of birds.

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