Termites in your home?

Termites can be a threat to any home! Just because your home is built with bricks you are not safe from these destructive pests. To often home owners are unaware of the possibility of termites entering their home undetected. Regular termite inspections with a trained and certified inspector are essential in keeping your home free from termites and your termite management system will also hold its warranty with the termite barrier manufacturer.

1 in 4 homes are attacked by termites, Dont be a statistic!

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Spring Update for Bees & Wasps

As spring nears Wasps & Bees like to be a pest around your home. They can quickly build nests under eaves, outside doors and windows and even in gardens, being very aggressive if disturbed whilst bardening or by an unexpected bystander. Our pest control services can take care of these nasty stinging insects. We have the correct pesticides and procedures to eradicate these pests quickly before they establish a nest or zero in for a sting!

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